Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harsh Pro.Spectives

2 nights of art, video, and music Paintings by Ryan Micheal Fraser Live Video installation by Matt Harsh plus live production and dj sets from Friday Beats By Otter (Canceled! sorry) DJ Mertz - DJ set current King of Champaign will own you too, Infinite Imagination - Live PA the infinite Mobius and Joe's Imagination combine to form Infimag. These two producers reunite to bring alive set of mood making, and floor moving production DJ Belly set of broken beat and downtempo hiphop Thursday DJ Phil funk disco house hiphop dj set, garaunteed to boogie Dave Samuel - Live Ambient PA a live production set form Mordichai int he Mirror's beatsmith Kirkwood West - Live PA another live production set of ambient and minimal techno form this one of a kind producer Mobius - Live PA extra strength set of generative ambient music

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