Thursday, January 21, 2010

COFFEE + INTERWEBZ + STREAM OF THOUGHT me: jet joan jet jet planes plain yogurt margret two dollars money talks c.r.e.a.m wu tang rusty screwdriver vodka ina briat filter cigarette butts seymore butts bart simpson skateboards ramps tonyhawk hudson hawk goldie hawn bird on a wire the wire snoop nail gun dead bodies abandoned homes dirt baltimore ravens edgar allen poe po white trash trash bags force flex power force rap squad outkast coverup highdive bells amber mini dv tapes Sent at 6:48 PM on Thursday Jeff: the great lakes johnathan frakes eats frosted flakes Sent at 6:50 PM on Thursday me: rice krispies snap crack le pop crack rock sizzle sizzle pass pass out black out redman meth blunts cigarillos schwag swag stock wood stock peanits snoopy dog house charli brown pumpkin pumpkin pie pi darren arrenoffski foutain foutain of youth ponce de leon kings of leon leon the professional snipers plant little girl star wars quen amadala adddidas new collection collecting antique roadshow on the road again willie nelson bandanas joints hand rolled had carved hand carved bandages cold war kids cold war the berlin wall kilroy was here graffiti subways eat fresh micheal phelps olypics bongs Sent at 6:55 PM on Thursday me: what was i sayign right before uh

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  1. reminds me of when we lived together, wow that was like 10 years ago now...woah