Thursday, February 17, 2011


astrotravelin master of the babble'n
this mystery is unraveling
we rock like some gravel when
then launch like a javelin
so while your stagerin next to
your braggin friend,
in the dragons den
know your not the slayer
or portrayer of magic when
its all just smoke and mirrors
flash! Bang!
eyes and ears are under control
super massive black hole
no light to be seen
and limited space between
dimensions of Dementia
burn ya crisp ya.
cause the human vehicle
is not invinsible or even well equipped
for movement thru portals of past lunatics
those few are doin it
other try to ruin it
we're pruining it
trimmin it up like a bonzai
snare , tom, tom try
rollin Bass in your eye
Never Deny the passerby the
answer why, or per chance a chat
with a poor cat, cause he'll know more of that
which is truly rich.

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