Monday, February 7, 2011

Breathe Right

Desire, sparking inner fires
draining quagmires by admitting what u admire
so perspire, but don't sweat it
thats the best gift
look what you're left with
a hurt heart or friendship
dont be selfish, sometimes
it gets hellish
but thats the relish and
it gets better with every bite
so just do whats right
your heart can guide the way
to a brighter day
then you'll look behind and say
i wouldnt have it any other way
it's magic how it came to play.
at first it seemed like disaster
but now after the dust clears
of mush and tears the laughter perseveres
in the course of years things weigh out
and all debts due are payed out
and since u waited it out
u learned what life is all about
finding the balance in the challenge of the scales
and still using your head when
it's coming up tails
and when all else fails, you'll be alright
so relax and breathe right